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You Need to Know about These Infor Customers

You Need to Know about These Infor Customers

A leader in the business software sector, Infor has developed an innovative array of products that are helping organizations of all kinds to facilitate digital transformations. Companies worldwide now rely on these business solutions to meet their goals, whether they are looking to maximize their assets or improve their customer service.

Here is a closer look at some of the entities that use Infor’s products and the ways that they are applying them throughout their organizations:


Vienna House, Infor HMS

viennahouseThe biggest hotel group in Austria, Vienna House is deploying the Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) as part of its digital overhaul. The group, which oversees 35 properties, previously implemented both Infor d/EPM and Infor EzRMS. The platforms have helped Vienna House with its analytics operations and revenue enhancement processes.

Infor HMS helps hotels to remodel various aspects of management and operations. In addition to facilitating better in-house reporting and oversight of accounts receivable, this platform helps users to provide better service to their guests. Vienna House is using Infor HMS primarily for the latter purpose to bolster its own unique selling proposition (USP) with more agile digital guest services.

Through Infor HMS, the hotel group has also revolutionized its front office operations. Guests can now use their mobile phones to access a wide range of services, including restaurant bookings, housekeeping, and remote check-in. Using these services, Vienne House aims to simplify its guest interactions and, ultimately, stand out from its competitors.


Xometry, Infor CloudSuite

xometryA provider of on-demand manufacturing services, Xometry has partnered with Infor to implement Infor CloudSuite Industrial. The suite, which is based on adaptive architecture, helps organizations to boost their agility so that they can keep up with ever-changing customer and market demand. CloudSuite Industrial also enhances functionality across multiple areas, ranging from key performance indicators to inventory. However, one of its most unique capabilities is that it is highly scalable, which helps to lay the groundwork for growth among industrial organizations.

Xometry joined the network of over 5,500 CloudSuite Industrial users to help it navigate its own period of rapid growth. During this time, the firm required a platform that could help it to scale its services and accommodate a growing volume of small orders. CloudSuite Industrial seamlessly links Xometry’s proprietary software while also delivering the services that it needs to support its burgeoning network of manufacturers.


Electrocomponents, Infor Expense Management

electrocomponentsElectrocomponents has implemented Infor Expense Management to support its network of users in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The firm, which stocks over 500,000 electronics and industrial goods, serves clients in 32 countries worldwide.

By deploying Infor Expense Management, Electrocomponents will overhaul its existing processes, which require manual entry and the use of spreadsheets. This new cloud-based application will handle a staggering 36,000 expense reports every year, thus affording much greater oversight of company expenditures. Not only will this support faster reporting, but it will also make it easier for Electrocomponents to oversee its expense claims. Most importantly, Infor Expense Management will help the firm to standardize its business processes across Europe.


Genesee & Wyoming (G&W), Infor EAM

gandwG&W chose the cloud-based Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to serve as its platform for worldwide asset management. Developed for modern businesses, this software provides the deep functionality that users require to boost efficiency and scale their businesses. G&W also selected Infor EAM due to its ability to support the unique needs of the transportation and logistics sector.

Overseeing more than 120 short and freight rail lines across the globe, G&W will leverage Infor EAM to support its portfolio of assets. Not only will the platform cover the firm’s linear assets, but it will also aid in the management of its freight. Infor EAM will thus allow G&W to make more timely decisions about asset maintenance. In turn, this will support the firm’s industry compliance efforts while also increasing its profitability.


Mattex Group, Infor Cloudsuite & HCM

mattexIn the interest of fueling business growth, synthetic materials manufacturer Mattex Group is using Infor CloudSuite Fashion and HCM to revamp its digital identity. These industry-focused solutions will not only help the firm to improve its production scheduling, but it will also bolster its reporting capabilities. More importantly, these platforms will enable Mattex Group to migrate much of its IT infrastructure onto the cloud, which will minimize its total cost of ownership (TCO) in this realm.

In addition to the two CloudSuite products, Mattex Group has incorporated Birst into its transformation plan. The holistic business intelligence solution will help to make its reporting more qualitative.


Kennebunkport Resort Collection, Infor HMS

krclogoIn 2017, Kennebunkport deployed Infor HMS to assist with the management of 239 rooms across its nine resort properties. Since its implementation, the system has enabled the company to focus more closely on its guests’ needs while also facilitating a comprehensive examination of its entire organization. Infor HMS has, thus, been a critical asset to Kennebunkport, which relies heavily on seasonal trade. From overseeing guest preferences to analyzing business data, this centralized platform is supporting the firm’s many organizational needs. Crucially, Infor HMS has provided the foundation that Kennebunkport required to improve the experience of the guests staying at its properties.