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What Are the Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Businesses?

What Are the Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Businesses?

For many businesses, data storage has become almost synonymous with cloud computing. According to the 2016 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG, a staggering 72 percent of businesses reported that they utilized cloud storage services or planned to in the near future. This number rose from 65 percent just two years prior. From small businesses to large enterprises, companies of all sizes are benefiting from the use of cloud storage.

It’s easy to see why cloud storage has become so popular among businesses. Through this cloud computing model, businesses do not need to host data onsite; rather, they can easily move files to remote servers.

Selecting a storage solution is a bit more difficult. There are countless cloud storage platforms available on the market, which can make it difficult to determine which one is the right fit for your business. Though every solution is different, there are a few that stand out for their features and capabilities.

Read on to explore a few of the top cloud storage solutions available to businesses today:



boxstorageThe cloud storage services at Box are perfectly suited for small businesses, which can enjoy unlimited storage space for as little as $15 per user on a monthly basis. Box leverages both encryption and privacy services to protect its users’ files, also using permission tools to further enhance data security. These solutions are fully compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, and ISO 27001.

However, Box makes its biggest impact in the realm of collaboration, seamlessly directing workflow across entire business teams. Through this platform, users can access and share files with one another, edit stored data, designate tasks, and more. Box facilitates all of these activities in real time, allowing users to collaborate from all manner of devices.


Autotask Workplace

autotaskDesigned specifically for enterprises, Autotask Workplace has made it easier than ever for businesses to adopt File Sync & Share (FSS) services. Boasting exceptional security, this service is fully compliant with strict industry regulations while facilitating quick connections between users and stored files. Autotask Workplace also features controls that permit enterprises to fully customize their own security, allowing them to prevent certain users from accessing specific stored files. This, in turn, allows companies to improve their protection of customer information.

Because Autotask Workplace supports all major desktop computer and mobile phone platforms, enterprise teams can access files on the go. Users can easily sync files and projects before sharing them with their colleagues, complementing a growing need for business-level collaborative tools.


Google Drive

googledriveThis platform was once dedicated solely to online storage, but it has since blossomed into an entire office suite for businesses. Businesses can still optimize Google Drive for data storage by purchasing between 100 GB and 30 TB at monthly rates, making it easy to incorporate additional storage at any time. This setup enables businesses to upload and store virtually any type of data, from documents to Photoshop files.

Google Drive has also incorporated a number of other key features for businesses. For example, employees can collaborate on slideshow presentations, work on spreadsheets, and send e-mails. Businesses can even use Google Drive to create and manage online team calendars.

synccomA low-cost cloud storage option, allows small businesses to incorporate users for as little as $5 per month. This low price doesn’t mean businesses must sacrifice all the storage features they need, however. Like other services of its kind, facilitates simple data storage, collaboration, and access from any location.

In addition, the platform offers more advanced security than many other top cloud storage solutions. All monthly subscriptions come with zero-knowledge data encryption, which delivers end-to-end protection for any files that businesses may upload. Moreover, allows its users to share links to company files using tools such as expiration dates and passwords. This prevents any unauthorized parties from accessing stored data. Utilizing remote wipe capabilities, also helps businesses protect their most sensitive data if their equipment is stolen.



egnytelogoEgnyte is an enterprise-level cloud storage platform that delivers the administrative control and security that businesses need to facilitate effective file sharing. Whether they’re on a tablet or at a desktop computer, users can seamlessly access files in tandem with people in different departments—or even locations. Administrators can connect to Egnyte’s Active Directory and establish access controls for each file, determine their usage, and even encrypt them for transfer.

Aside from its more standardized features, Egnyte offers additional capabilities such as archiving tools and automatic data synchronization. Perhaps its most unique capability, however, is that it allows for the full personalization of files in the cloud.



sugarsyncA highly flexible platform, SugarSync offers an array of data storage, sharing, and backup services to businesses. Users have the freedom to sync a single file, a single folder, or several libraries of files at once. SugarSync automatically creates backups of any file a business uploads, which enables all connected users to view the latest changes. Should a business encounter a disaster situation, SugarSync will restore any lost data from the copies on its own servers.

Administrators can keep a close eye on all their business’s SugarSync services through their own Admin Dashboard. Through this platform, they can scale their cloud storage and incorporate additional seats. The dashboard also gives them the ability to supervise user activity and even limit the amount of storage each employee can use.