Infor Products That Every Business Needs to Know

Infor Products That Every Business Needs to Know

Although Infor is perhaps best known for its industry-driven products, it offers a diverse array of other solutions that can prove beneficial to businesses of different types and sizes. More than 68,000 organizations leverage these solutions to stay at the forefront of their industries and to facilitate complete digital transformations.

Here are a few Infor products that every business should know about:

Infor Workforce Management (WFM)

Through Infor WFM, businesses can dramatically improve the efficiency of their teams using a platform that helps them to manage all aspects of employee labor. This solution streamlines workforce scheduling, allowing managerial staff to gain a more comprehensive view of their staffing needs. With additional forecasting capabilities at their fingertips, these users can more easily fulfill their labor needs while ensuring full compliance with internal and external workforce policies. The platform also comes equipped with planning features that align workforce needs with budgeting requirements.


Moreover, Infor WFM can track employees’ attendance and conduct performance analytics on an ongoing basis. This promotes further regulatory compliance while mitigating internal workforce-related issues. At the same time, Infor WFM enables business teams to turn more of their attention toward valuable projects.

Infor CloudSuite Human Capital Management (HCM)

As businesses grow, they require systems that will be capable of managing their most important asset: their staff. CloudSuite HCM boasts the features that companies need to meet their human resources needs while leaving room for growth in the future.

Within CloudSuite HCM, businesses gain access to solutions and technology that enable them to simplify their most vital HCM processes. The platform’s global human resources capabilities, for example, give HR teams more structure and allow for more seamless relations with team members around the world. Using the CloudSuite HCM talent management features, businesses can streamline the talent acquisition process and establish goals for employees’ success. The platform features other add-ons for companies seeking to enhance their payroll, analytics, and workforce management capabilities.

Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A facet of the Infor Customer Experience Suite, Infor CRM gives businesses all of the tools required to build stronger relationships with their consumers and to scale their business through new connections. This award-winning solution serves as a central point of access for all client-related information, recording data from interactions and using it to update each customer’s profile. Infor CRM connects to other key business applications, allowing businesses to conduct marketing campaigns in a more efficient manner.

In addition to managing existing clients, Infor CRM helps companies to organize their leads so that they can more quickly act on these opportunities for additional business. The platform is also available on mobile devices, which enables sales teams to capitalize on new leads and respond to clients more quickly than ever. These features and more are helping businesses to achieve better sales results with better decision-making and improved customer relationships.

Infor CloudSuite Financials

Another addition to the group of CloudSuite products, Infor CloudSuite Financials offers cutting-edge functionality to businesses seeking an alternative to their outdated financial systems. The features contained within this platform are optimized for the modern user, with a sleek user interface that is customizable based on each employee’s role within the business. The setup closes the gap between financial teams and the information they need on a daily basis.


CloudSuite Financials has also modernized the general ledger, incorporating an unlimited ledger system that helps businesses provide financial details for any compliance requirements and internal reporting demands. In addition, the platform features intuitive receivables and billing solutions that give companies a closer look at all client payments and automates processing on their behalf. Featuring additional capabilities in the realms of lease accounting, payables, and analytics, CloudSuite Financials delivers the most important financial tools for business growth.

Infor Ming.le

Infor designed Ming.le to be used alongside its other products in an effort to provide users with an agile collaborative platform. Employees who sign into the system will gain access to all of the applications within the Infor CloudSuite solutions. From there, they can connect to data from disparate systems without having to continually log in to other platforms. Users can customize their own homepages with Ming.le, allowing them to centralize the content that they need for their jobs.

More importantly, Ming.le allows business users to collaborate with their fellow employees by sharing everything from files to computer screens. The platform eliminates the need for lengthy email chains and creates an arena in which entire teams can work on projects together.

Infor Coleman AI

Designed to help business users reach their full potential, Infor Coleman AI delivers artificial intelligence capabilities that streamline key functions and enable teams to “work smarter.” Not only is this platform integrated with Infor OS, but it is also included with all Infor CloudSuite applications. Coleman comes equipped with industry-related expertise, making it a seamless addition to any business environment.

Available on numerous devices, Coleman leverages analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence to support improved decision making in the moments when it matters most. Additionally, the platform is capable of automating the most mundane processes, giving employees more time to focus on mission-critical work.