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How Public Sector Entities Use Infor: What You Need to Know

How Public Sector Entities Use Infor: What You Need to Know

A leading provider of business cloud software, Infor boasts a myriad of intelligent solutions that are helping organizations address their most pressing issues. Many of Infor’s clients come from the public sector, where they are continually seeking ways to modernize their digital solutions and better serve their communities. From New Zealand to Argentina, public sector organizations from across the globe have elicited Infor’s help to deploy the software they need.

Here’s a look at how a few of these public sector entities have used Infor’s products:

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) in Lake Elsinore, California, leveraged an array of Infor solutions to streamline cost management and expand their operational capabilities. In seeking a new system, the district looked to achieve three primary goals. First, it needed the ability to scale its infrastructure to keep pace with a boom in housing construction. Second, it wanted to replace its existing systems with a new solution that would improve human resources and finance without relying on paper. Lastly, it sought to establish a system that reduced its reliance on individual staff members for vital business insights. 


To meet these objectives, EVMWD deployed Infor Ming.le across its entire organization. This platform provides an avenue through which district staff can access their mission-critical business applications while keeping end users from gaining access to content irrelevant to their roles. Infor Ming.le also gives EVMWD workers access to HR self-service tools, resulting in fewer daily workloads for HR staff.

Concurrently, EVMWD deployed Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management to help streamline business functions that the district could no longer handle manually as operations scaled. This platform has since improved employee productivity by automating many of these time-consuming, paper-based processes.

With the addition of modern solutions like Infor Human Resource Management and Infor Process Automation, EVMWD was able to accomplish unprecedented levels of growth. The organization increased its water-main connections by 66 percent—on time, under budget, and with a leaner team.

Lambton County Library

Based in Ontario, Canada, Lambton County Library first elicited the help of Infor in 2005. This library system initially launched Infor Vubis Smart before later deciding to expand its capabilities with the Infor V-Smart platform in 2012. Since then, the 25-branch library has sought to increase its offerings and improve customer service with the Infor Iguana Library mobile app.

By deploying the new mobile app, Lambton County Library has given its 40,000 members access beyond standard operating hours. Through the platform, patrons can reserve titles, renew existing book loans, and keep up to date on their reading lists, among other self-service actions. The launch of the mobile app also allowed the library to expand its user base, particularly among the county’s younger residents. Patrons can take the app wherever they go, even using it to scan any books they come across to see if they are available at the library.

In its first two months of use, the Iguana Library app garnered users from 21 branches of Lambton County Library. The app also saw a jump of 400 percent in usership between the first and second months.

Salto Grande

Argentinian energy producer and distributor Salto Grande reached out to Infor after determining that it required a modern enterprise asset management (EAM) solution. The organization was previously attempting to perform asset management and maintenance using an outdated system that no longer interfaced with its enterprise resource planning platform. In addition, Salto Grande’s EAM solution lacked the processes needed to provide safe working conditions for its employees.

team members

Between 2013 and 2016, Salto Grande implemented Infor EAM to address these concerns. Today, this solution includes over 330 users that rely on 34 services. Infor EAM has not only enabled Salto Grande to optimize its asset records, but it has also supplied the data analysis tools that the organization needs to monitor assets and improve decision-making processes. The solution’s data analysis capabilities have resulted in fewer instances of human error and more efficient workflow, which has led to reduced risk throughout Salto Grande’s EAM operations. Infor EAM also supports asset management projects across the entire organization, providing the necessary solutions for key maintenance orders.

All the while, Salto Grande has been able to improve human safety and minimize its environmental impact. With additional cost control at their fingertips, Salto Grande’s leadership can more effectively manage the company’s maintenance plans and ensure its success. Altogether, Infor EAM has given Salto Grande a distinct advantage over other competitors in the Argentinian power sector.

Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council, a facet of local government in New Zealand, has deployed several Infor solutions to drive innovation. The council serves a population of nearly 129,000 in a university town, which is home to entities in industries such as manufacturing, technology, and research. As part of Dunedin’s recent 10-year plan to become more sustainable and improve local infrastructure, the council sought a solution that would allow it to facilitate a total digital transformation.

In addressing its technology silos, Dunedin City Council adopted Infor Pathway, Infor Public Sector, and Infor EAM. Infor Pathway has provided the strongest foundation for the city’s transformation by providing the council with the means to gather and share important data across channels. With such seamless access to data, the council has improved its analytics and reporting systems—all while minimizing its reporting times via the BIRST business intelligence suite. 

Dunedin City Council continues to work with Infor to migrate all of its Infor solutions to the cloud, which will improve its disaster preparedness and protect its data for years to come.