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Everything You Need to Know about Inforum 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Inforum 2018

A leader in the enterprise software sector, Infor has worked with more than 90,000 organizations to deliver the industry-driven suites and other platforms that transform the user experience. To celebrate the success of its customers, Infor established its flagship event, Inforum. At this unique event, attendees can find all the tools and information that they need to further improve their experience with Infor’s products. Moreover, they get the chance to see the latest Infor products and even get a firsthand look at future innovations.

In previous years, the event drew crowds of more than 7,000 across 14 different industries. So during the 2018 event, you can expect to meet Infor partners that specialize in all lines of work. This year, Inforum will come to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, from September 24-27. As you prepare for your arrival, here are five things that you can expect to see and do at Inforum 2018:

1. You can become a sponsor.

Inforum presents the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your visibility among the thousands of individuals that attend each year. Of the event’s audience, 20 percent influence business decisions at their organizations and just under 65 percent are directors or executives. This makes Inforum sponsorship a potentially fruitful endeavor for anyone looking to meet like-minded professionals and highlight their own expertise.

Sponsorship at Inforum also allows you to become an exhibitor during the event. You will have 24 hours to exhibit, which allows for more opportunities to network with your audience. With sponsorship, you’ll also gain access to other perks, including full access to Inforum, promotion on the event’s mobile application, and the chance to host short sessions on the event floor.

2. You can attend all manner of exciting educational sessions.

Inforum 2018 will feature almost 1,000 educational sessions highlighting everything from industry-driven topics to Infor products. Not only will this allow you to learn from the specialists themselves, but it will also help you enhance your skills and capitalize more effectively on the products you use at your organization.

The various sessions at Inforum will have something for nearly every interest. You will have the chance to attend presentations from Infor customers, who will share their own successes with the firm’s products and best practices for their use. You’ll also find a number of sessions that focus on trends in your industry, whether you specialize in industrial manufacturing or fashion. Inforum will also feature expert-led panels and speed sessions that will help you dive deeper into Infor’s products.

3. You can nominate your organization for a Progress Maker Award.

Every year, Inforum celebrates the achievements of its partners with its Progress Makers Awards. Infor created these awards to recognize customers’ noteworthy use of Infor products to drive excellence among their own clients, staff members, and organizations.

The Infor Progress Makers Awards span six categories: Public Sector, Distribution, Retail/Fashion, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Manufacturing. Infor will also consider all applicants for a seventh award, the Innovator of the Year.

Recipients of the Progress Makers Awards will receive a number of coveted prizes along with their win. They will receive recognition both during the event itself and on Infor’s website, as well as additional acknowledgment from the media. Winners also earn a free ticket to Inforum, in addition to a Progress Makers Awards trophy and digital promotional image for use in professional content.

4. You can participate in professional forums.

Between September 23 and 24, Inforum will play host to the annual Infor Partner Summit, a kick-off event created for Infor partners. By registering for the Summit, you will have the chance to attend presentations from Infor’s executive team. They will headline the event by sharing the firm’s investments from the previous year and relay how they have bolstered the excellence of its partners.

Inforum will also feature the Infor Executive Forum, which will deliver insights for such industry leaders as IT execs and C-level clients. This exclusive event is only open to those invited, but attendees will get a firsthand look at the latest technologies, trends, and other innovations. For the first time, the forum will be one day longer, with additional content geared toward C-level customers. This event will also provide attendees with the unique opportunity to meet other executives in and outside of their industry.

At Inforum 2018, you’ll also find a special Government Forum for Infor’s public sector partners. Over the course of half a day, attendees will participate in discussions on the biggest challenges that public sector organizations are facing. The Government Forum will also focus on technology and how it is changing the public sector. The session will highlight innovations, from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, that are influencing organizations in the public sector industry.

5. You can attend the thrilling Customer Appreciation Party.

Inforum 2018 may be geared toward customer success and innovation, but it won’t be all business. On September 26, Infor will host its annual Customer Appreciation Party. In 2017 this event featured singer Bruno Mars as a headliner. This year, none other than Grammy-winning artist Lenny Kravitz will headline the party.

With a career spanning three decades, Kravitz has sold nearly 40 million albums across the globe. His musical style mixes traditional rock with both ’60s and ’70s soul and funk. Kravitz’s presence at the 2018 Customer Appreciation Party will make it a can’t-miss spectacle.