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A Look at Some of the Best Careers for Veterans

Whether you are still preparing for your transition back to civilian life or simply looking for a new line of work, there are several exciting careers that will allow you to capitalize on the skills you gained while in the military. Here are a few career paths you should consider during your civilian job search:… Continue Reading

You Need to Know These Military Transition Do’s and Dont’s

For those in the military, the decision to leave the service and re-enter civilian life is one of the biggest they will make in their careers. It’s also one of the most difficult transitions they’ll face. Though 77 percent of veterans say they’re prepared for this major lifestyle change, it can still pose a number… Continue Reading

How Veterans Can Find Employment in the Healthcare Field

Making the transition from military to civilian employment can be difficult for any veteran. Luckily, those who served in medical and healthcare roles have acquired highly valuable skills and experience that the civilian healthcare industry desperately needs. If you’re a military veteran seeking employment in the healthcare field, you have several options. From translating your… Continue Reading

How Can Veterans Secure Employment in the Customer Service Sector?

Each year, active service members from all branches of the military separate from military life and re-enter civilian society. According to the most recent Military OneSource Demographics report, around 190,000 enlisted military personnel and officers left active duty in 2015. Since 2003, the average number of reserve and active service separations has hovered around 250,000.… Continue Reading

7 of the Top Military Skills That You Can Bring to the Boardroom

Each year, between 230,000 and 245,000 veterans leave active military service and reintegrate into civilian society. As part of this transition, these individuals must obtain employment in a civilian occupation that best enables them to make use of their existing skills. Over the years, research has shown that military veterans have used their experience to… Continue Reading

How Military Skills Compare with a Bachelor’s Degree

Whether you want to find work in the business sector or in another field, you will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree to obtain the job you want. In today’s society, most employers place particular value on degrees when hiring because it supposedly signifies that diploma-holding employees are more talented than those without one.… Continue Reading

3 Tips on Translating Your Military Skills into a Resume

As a member of the military, you spend years working in a field that is entirely unique. Throughout your time in the service, you spend your days on military bases around the globe, cultivating a deep camaraderie with the other members of your team and engaging in risky combat situations. Making the shift away from… Continue Reading

How to Highlight Important Military Skills on Your Resume

There comes a time when almost every member of the armed forces must re-integrate into civilian life, a process that involves finding steady employment. Whether you are pursuing a career in business, finance, or health care, you will need to begin your search by creating an effective resume. This is often a difficult feat for… Continue Reading