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A Look at the Workloads You Should Move to the Cloud

Cloud adoption has become one of the biggest trends in IT in recent years—and it’s likely here to stay. According to LogicMonitor, organizations will run a staggering 83 percent of all workloads in the cloud by 2020, up from 68 percent in 2017. It’s easy to see why so many organizations are making this shift.… Continue Reading

5 Questions You Need to Ask SaaS Vendors

Selecting a SaaS provider is the first and most crucial step in the cloud migration process, no matter what type of service you are looking to provision. As you look to migrate your organization’s apps and software to the cloud, you will need to begin looking at the software as a service (SaaS) vendors that… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Reasons to Move HR to the Cloud

The cloud has given businesses in all industries the unprecedented ability to transform their most fundamental business processes. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have chosen to leave behind their traditional human resources (HR) management platforms in favor of more agile cloud offerings. Twitter was one of the first major companies to make… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about These 2019 Cloud Trends

Nearly all companies now rely on cloud computing services to support everything from data analytics to organizational security. A recent forecast from Gartner predicts that the cloud market will reach a staggering $302.5 billion by 2021, up from $186.4 billion in 2018—an indication that the industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This progress stems… Continue Reading

Spotlight – Key Considerations for Cloud Disaster Recovery

In the past, many companies wrote off disaster recovery (DR) as unnecessary or too difficult to implement. Others decided not to pursue it because they believed that the benefits were largely intangible, unless they lost their data. However, given the rising prevalence and cost of natural disasters and human error, can your organization afford to… Continue Reading

A Look at 5 of the Biggest Cloud Migration Blunders

The cloud has become an important tool for businesses across the globe. As you prepare your own organization for the big move to the cloud, you will need to outline the most important step in this process: migration. This stage is also one of the trickiest to navigate for new cloud users. There are numerous… Continue Reading

How to Prepare Your Team for the Cloud

Businesses may be flocking to the cloud in droves, but there is one major roadblock preventing many from joining this growing community: lack of relevant skills. Rackspace highlighted these concerns in its 2017 Cost of Cloud Expertise Report, which compiled responses from nearly 2,000 IT professionals. A staggering 71 percent of these respondents claimed that… Continue Reading