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You Need to Know These Military Transition Do’s and Dont’s

For those in the military, the decision to leave the service and re-enter civilian life is one of the biggest they will make in their careers. It’s also one of the most difficult transitions they’ll face. Though 77 percent of veterans say they’re prepared for this major lifestyle change, it can still pose a number… Continue Reading

How to Move Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps

Moving your company to the cloud is one of the biggest business decisions you can make. However, cloud migration entails a bit more than transferring important data to off-site servers and building new digital infrastructure. You’ll also need to take a serious look at putting your company’s applications into the cloud. Through cloud migration, you’ll… Continue Reading

What Should Every Startup Ask about the Cloud?

Running a startup isn’t easy. While you may have bigger ideas and more passion than others on the market, your larger competitors have the edge in terms of technological resources and other tools that help them tackle industry needs more easily. If you are the head of a growing startup, you will need infrastructure that… Continue Reading

7 of the Biggest Benefits of the Cloud in Automotive Manufacturing

For many businesses across the globe, cloud computing has become essential to operations. It’s easy to see why—the cloud has brought unique advantages to organizations in industries ranging from healthcare to life sciences. Automotive manufacturing is another sector that can benefit greatly from migration to the cloud. This industry has always been known for its… Continue Reading

What Are the Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Businesses?

For many businesses, data storage has become almost synonymous with cloud computing. According to the 2016 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG, a staggering 72 percent of businesses reported that they utilized cloud storage services or planned to in the near future. This number rose from 65 percent just two years prior. From small businesses to… Continue Reading

7 of the Most Important Benefits of Infor’s Partnership with AWS

In March 2014, leading business software provider Infor announced a groundbreaking partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud services platform that delivers the infrastructure and compute power that businesses need for growth. This collaboration not only solidified Infor’s position as a leading cloud competitor, but it also enabled the two organizations to align their… Continue Reading

A Look at the State of the Cloud in 2018

For the last seven years, software-as-a-service vendor RightScale has conducted an annual State of the Cloud Survey to pinpoint key trends and patterns in the cloud computing sector. This report looks at cloud use among small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises at varying levels of cloud adoption, from those that are still considering making… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Practices for EAM Implementation and Use

If you haven’t already implemented an enterprise asset management (EAM) system at your company, then you might want to consider doing so. Every single organization has assets, be they physical ones (such as equipment, inventory, or property) or intangible ones (such as software, databases, or brand names). The more you rely on your company’s assets,… Continue Reading

A Look at Organizations That Have Worked with Infor

Over the years, Infor has become synonymous with agile business software and applications that are optimized for use in the cloud. The company takes a user-first approach to its cloud solutions, delivering products and services that accommodate needs of entire organizations. From Industry CloudSuites to Enterprise Asset Management software, Infor’s user-first tools establish the groundwork… Continue Reading

How to Overcome the Biggest Cloud Migration Challenges

Businesses are learning they must adopt the cloud if they wish to remain ahead in the ever-changing market. For many organizations, however, cloud migration is the most difficult step in this process. Of the 1,300 IT leaders surveyed for the 2012 Cisco Global Cloud Networking Survey, 39 percent claimed that they would sooner “get a… Continue Reading