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Why Move Your Medical Practice to the Cloud?

The cloud has made an undeniable impact on the way that businesses operate, allowing them to work more efficiently, scale up, and boost customer satisfaction. As such, cloud migration has become the focus for organizations in nearly every industry, including healthcare. Moving to the cloud offers benefits not only for hospitals, insurers, and other large… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about these Amazing Infor Business Solutions

A global leader in the enterprise software industry, Infor has helped facilitate total digital transformations at more than 68,000 organizations. To this end, the company offers a diverse array of dynamic business solutions fit for organizations of all sizes and tailored to nearly every vertical. From healthcare management systems to business application development platforms, here… Continue Reading

How Veterans Can Find Employment in the Healthcare Field

Making the transition from military to civilian employment can be difficult for any veteran. Luckily, those who served in medical and healthcare roles have acquired highly valuable skills and experience that the civilian healthcare industry desperately needs. If you’re a military veteran seeking employment in the healthcare field, you have several options. From translating your… Continue Reading

7 of the Most Important EAM Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Tracking and managing assets can be challenging for any organization, but those in the healthcare industry face additional hurdles. Healthcare organizations must maintain oversight of up to thousands of assets at once, a feat that can only be accomplished with effective enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions. Using EAM software, healthcare organizations are more prepared than… Continue Reading

Why Should Healthcare Organizations Migrate to the Cloud?

Over the last several years, cloud adoption has been on the rise in several industries. However, cloud technology has experienced particularly impressive growth in the healthcare sector. In fact, the market for cloud adoption in the healthcare industry is expected to grow from $3.73 billion to $9.48 billion between 2015 and 2020 alone. This dramatic… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Most from Their Assets

From aerospace to retail, asset-intensive industries are becoming increasingly conscious of the critical role that proper physical asset management plays in industry success. Despite this awareness, however, many individual companies are still having difficulty optimizing their asset management practices and getting the most from their assets. Read on for a look at five of the… Continue Reading

Cloud Computing and the Future of Health Care

Cloud storage and cloud computing offer convenience to many on an individual basis, and more industries are beginning to adopt cloud solutions for business, as well. Through business applications such as Salesforce and XO, businesses have access to large IT infrastructures and a high level of support. In particular, the health care industry can directly… Continue Reading