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A Look at Organizations That Have Worked with Infor

Over the years, Infor has become synonymous with agile business software and applications that are optimized for use in the cloud. The company takes a user-first approach to its cloud solutions, delivering products and services that accommodate needs of entire organizations. From Industry CloudSuites to Enterprise Asset Management software, Infor’s user-first tools establish the groundwork… Continue Reading

7 of the Best Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

For military veterans, switching between careers is often the most difficult step in the process of transitioning back to civilian life. With a veteran population of more than 20.9 million men and women, the need for U.S. employers to hire former military members is greater than ever. Thankfully, civilian employers are becoming increasingly interested in… Continue Reading

A Look at the Best Cloud Benefits for the Financial Services Industry

For years, the cloud has been driving innovation among organizations in nearly every industry. Though most entities have pursued cloud adoption as a means of enhancing their business capabilities, those in the financial services sector have not expressed quite the same level of interest in cloud computing. Because of concerns about security, compliance, and risk… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Resources for Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Life

For military personnel, the prospect of leaving active service and transitioning back into civilian life can be incredibly daunting. These individuals do not have to navigate this process alone, however. Whether they are looking online or offline, military personnel and veterans can find a vast array of resources that will help them as they separate… Continue Reading

7 of the Most Significant Cloud Compliance Regulations

Cloud compliance refers to the vast set of regulations and principles that organizations must follow when using systems delivered through the cloud. As cloud computing continues to grow in popularity, cloud customers must begin to look at their own compliance efforts and take steps to meet the required guidelines. Both within the United States and… Continue Reading

7 of the Most Important Military Leadership Skills to Use in Business

As military personnel begin to transition back into civilian society, they must consider which career path that they will pursue. Many of these individuals seek employment in the business sector, which presents numerous opportunities for them to call upon their military experiences and the skills that they acquired during their time in the service. For… Continue Reading

How Veterans Can Find Employment in the Healthcare Field

Making the transition from military to civilian employment can be difficult for any veteran. Luckily, those who served in medical and healthcare roles have acquired highly valuable skills and experience that the civilian healthcare industry desperately needs. If you’re a military veteran seeking employment in the healthcare field, you have several options. From translating your… Continue Reading

How Can Veterans Secure Employment in the Customer Service Sector?

Each year, active service members from all branches of the military separate from military life and re-enter civilian society. According to the most recent Military OneSource Demographics report, around 190,000 enlisted military personnel and officers left active duty in 2015. Since 2003, the average number of reserve and active service separations has hovered around 250,000.… Continue Reading

7 of the Top Military Skills That You Can Bring to the Boardroom

Each year, between 230,000 and 245,000 veterans leave active military service and reintegrate into civilian society. As part of this transition, these individuals must obtain employment in a civilian occupation that best enables them to make use of their existing skills. Over the years, research has shown that military veterans have used their experience to… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Military Veterans Make Amazing Entrepreneurs

For military members who are looking to rejoin the civilian workforce, there are countless positions that allow them to make use of the knowledge and experience that they gained during service. In recent years, however, entrepreneurship has become an especially favored career choice for veterans. According to one research study from the Small Business Association,… Continue Reading