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Debunking 5 of the Most Popular Arguments against the Cloud

More and more organizations are prioritizing cloud strategies as a way to transform their technological capabilities and propel themselves forward. As the hype surrounding cloud computing continues to build, you may find yourself wondering if it is the right choice for your own business. Like numerous other companies before you, you may have reservations about… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Reasons to Move HR to the Cloud

The cloud has given businesses in all industries the unprecedented ability to transform their most fundamental business processes. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have chosen to leave behind their traditional human resources (HR) management platforms in favor of more agile cloud offerings. Twitter was one of the first major companies to make… Continue Reading

A Look at Cloud Computing in the Food and Beverage Sector

The 21st century has been an era of innovation and groundbreaking technologies facilitating dramatic change at all levels of society. Cloud computing has been one of the most significant driving forces behind this technological revolution. Not only has the cloud changed the way that individual users interact with the Web, but it has also transformed… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about These 2019 Cloud Trends

Nearly all companies now rely on cloud computing services to support everything from data analytics to organizational security. A recent forecast from Gartner predicts that the cloud market will reach a staggering $302.5 billion by 2021, up from $186.4 billion in 2018—an indication that the industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This progress stems… Continue Reading

What Is the Difference between Hybrid and Multi-Cloud?

Despite what many believe, “the cloud” does not refer to a single, amorphous entity. Though the basic function may be the same—a means of delivering key computing services such as software and data storage via the Web—the cloud industry has grown to include a diverse array of models and solutions fit for organizations of all… Continue Reading

What Are the Best Applications of the Cloud in Business?

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in business technology right now. It provides organizations the ability to store information, deploy infrastructure, and increase data security. These aren’t, however, the only ways that businesses can apply cloud services to their advantage. From boosting market competitiveness to supporting fundamental business processes, entities can use the… Continue Reading

A Look at Infor’s Most Innovative Business Solutions

A leader in the realm of business technology, Infor has played a key role in the digital transformations of more than 90,000 entities across the globe. While it is perhaps best known for its groundbreaking Infor CloudSuite products, the company also offers a diverse range of other solutions to help clients overhaul their internal processes,… Continue Reading

How to Evaluate the TCO of the Cloud

Cost is a major factor that is driving organizations to the cloud. From lower infrastructure costs to greater staff productivity, the cloud can help your business to save money in countless ways. However, you cannot begin to fully grasp the monetary benefits of the cloud until you assess what your total cost of ownership (TCO)… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about These Infor Customers

A leader in the business software sector, Infor has developed an innovative array of products that are helping organizations of all kinds to facilitate digital transformations. Companies worldwide now rely on these business solutions to meet their goals, whether they are looking to maximize their assets or improve their customer service. Here is a closer… Continue Reading

How Can the Public Sector Benefit from the Cloud?

In today’s digital society, it is becoming increasingly more important for organizations in every industry to facilitate digital transformations. The public sector is one area that is benefitting from the use of innovative digital services such as cloud computing. In fact, Gartner found that cloud services and solutions have become a major priority among government… Continue Reading