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Spotlight – Key Considerations for Cloud Disaster Recovery

In the past, many companies wrote off disaster recovery (DR) as unnecessary or too difficult to implement. Others decided not to pursue it because they believed that the benefits were largely intangible, unless they lost their data. However, given the rising prevalence and cost of natural disasters and human error, can your organization afford to… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about These Infor Customers

A leader in the business software sector, Infor has developed an innovative array of products that are helping organizations of all kinds to facilitate digital transformations. Companies worldwide now rely on these business solutions to meet their goals, whether they are looking to maximize their assets or improve their customer service. Here is a closer… Continue Reading

9 of the Most Important Benefits of SaaS

When leveraging the cloud at your company, you have numerous choices when it comes to the delivery of online services. Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most popular service models available to you, allowing you to provision software applications from a third-party vendor. If you are considering SaaS for your business, then… Continue Reading

A Look at 5 of the Biggest Cloud Migration Blunders

The cloud has become an important tool for businesses across the globe. As you prepare your own organization for the big move to the cloud, you will need to outline the most important step in this process: migration. This stage is also one of the trickiest to navigate for new cloud users. There are numerous… Continue Reading

How to Prepare Your Team for the Cloud

Businesses may be flocking to the cloud in droves, but there is one major roadblock preventing many from joining this growing community: lack of relevant skills. Rackspace highlighted these concerns in its 2017 Cost of Cloud Expertise Report, which compiled responses from nearly 2,000 IT professionals. A staggering 71 percent of these respondents claimed that… Continue Reading

What Are the Best Practices for Controlling Cloud Costs?

There are many challenges that you can face with migrating your business to the cloud, from potential issues with security to lack of control. Cost management is, perhaps, one of the biggest hurdles that you must overcome to maximize the benefits of your cloud computing solution. This is a bigger challenge for organizations than you… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know about Inforum 2018

A leader in the enterprise software sector, Infor has worked with more than 90,000 organizations to deliver the industry-driven suites and other platforms that transform the user experience. To celebrate the success of its customers, Infor established its flagship event, Inforum. At this unique event, attendees can find all the tools and information that they… Continue Reading

You Need to Know about These Surprising Cloud Risks

There is risk involved in every business venture, whether you are looking to overhaul your entire brand or seek a new business partnership. The same is true when you are migrating your organization to the cloud. Though your company can benefit from using a cloud environment, it can risk a great deal as well. Most… Continue Reading

7 More Cloud Computing Terms that You Need to Know

There’s no denying the importance of cloud computing in every industry. From startups to multinational enterprises, organizations of all sizes are leveraging the cloud to improve data storage, analytics, and much more. As the industry continues to broaden, it’s important for cloud users to brush up on the terminology they’ll encounter most often. Here are… Continue Reading

You Need to Know These Military Transition Do’s and Dont’s

For those in the military, the decision to leave the service and re-enter civilian life is one of the biggest they will make in their careers. It’s also one of the most difficult transitions they’ll face. Though 77 percent of veterans say they’re prepared for this major lifestyle change, it can still pose a number… Continue Reading