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5 of the Best Reasons to Move HR to the Cloud

The cloud has given businesses in all industries the unprecedented ability to transform their most fundamental business processes. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have chosen to leave behind their traditional human resources (HR) management platforms in favor of more agile cloud offerings. Twitter was one of the first major companies to make… Continue Reading

A Look at the Most Important ERP Terms

In the era of cloud computing, there are countless services that you can provision to improve business processes at your company. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one of the most comprehensive cloud deliverables that can assist you in your digital transformation. ERP software combines numerous fundamental processes, from supply chain management to human resources, and… Continue Reading

How to Prepare Your Team for the Cloud

Businesses may be flocking to the cloud in droves, but there is one major roadblock preventing many from joining this growing community: lack of relevant skills. Rackspace highlighted these concerns in its 2017 Cost of Cloud Expertise Report, which compiled responses from nearly 2,000 IT professionals. A staggering 71 percent of these respondents claimed that… Continue Reading

5 of the Most Important Features of a Cloud SLA

Service level agreements (SLAs) are a crucial element of any cloud contract, allowing you to establish a benchmark for the level of service that your vendor must provide. Aside from this, the SLA serves a number of other important purposes. Not only does this agreement set forth terms for you to monitor your vendor’s performance,… Continue Reading

You Need to Know These Military Transition Do’s and Dont’s

For those in the military, the decision to leave the service and re-enter civilian life is one of the biggest they will make in their careers. It’s also one of the most difficult transitions they’ll face. Though 77 percent of veterans say they’re prepared for this major lifestyle change, it can still pose a number… Continue Reading

7 of the Best Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

For military veterans, switching between careers is often the most difficult step in the process of transitioning back to civilian life. With a veteran population of more than 20.9 million men and women, the need for U.S. employers to hire former military members is greater than ever. Thankfully, civilian employers are becoming increasingly interested in… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Resources for Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Life

For military personnel, the prospect of leaving active service and transitioning back into civilian life can be incredibly daunting. These individuals do not have to navigate this process alone, however. Whether they are looking online or offline, military personnel and veterans can find a vast array of resources that will help them as they separate… Continue Reading

A Look at the Impact of the Cloud on the Manufacturing Industry

As the cloud becomes an increasingly central part of our economy, companies in every industry are taking advantage of it. Manufacturing in particular is one sector that can benefit greatly from the technology. The industry has already been transformed by several groundbreaking innovations, from Big Data to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Cloud computing… Continue Reading

How to Leverage Your Military Skills to Pursue a Marketing Career

For nearly 200 years, the United States military has been known for its innovative marketing techniques. From the famous “I want you!” posters that depicted Uncle Sam during World War I and II to the more recent “Be All That You Can Be” slogan, the military has implemented countless successful marketing campaigns that have caught… Continue Reading

A Look at 5 of the Top Cloud Myths

The cloud is perhaps one of the most well-known technological innovations in the world. With its popularity, however, has come much discussion about its various benefits, shortcomings, and abilities. Though the cloud is now one of the most widely used technological platforms, its complexity has given rise to a number of myths regarding its most… Continue Reading