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Why Every Nonprofit Needs to Migrate to the Cloud

Every nonprofit organization aims to carry out life-changing missions, whether in their local communities or on a global scale. However, many of these entities struggle to operate given their relatively small budgets. Some crucial functions fall to the wayside because there is a lack of capital to spend on them. Technology is one of the… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Reasons to Move HR to the Cloud

The cloud has given businesses in all industries the unprecedented ability to transform their most fundamental business processes. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have chosen to leave behind their traditional human resources (HR) management platforms in favor of more agile cloud offerings. Twitter was one of the first major companies to make… Continue Reading

How to Evaluate the TCO of the Cloud

Cost is a major factor that is driving organizations to the cloud. From lower infrastructure costs to greater staff productivity, the cloud can help your business to save money in countless ways. However, you cannot begin to fully grasp the monetary benefits of the cloud until you assess what your total cost of ownership (TCO)… Continue Reading

Spotlight – Key Considerations for Cloud Disaster Recovery

In the past, many companies wrote off disaster recovery (DR) as unnecessary or too difficult to implement. Others decided not to pursue it because they believed that the benefits were largely intangible, unless they lost their data. However, given the rising prevalence and cost of natural disasters and human error, can your organization afford to… Continue Reading

A Look at the Most Important ERP Terms

In the era of cloud computing, there are countless services that you can provision to improve business processes at your company. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one of the most comprehensive cloud deliverables that can assist you in your digital transformation. ERP software combines numerous fundamental processes, from supply chain management to human resources, and… Continue Reading

How to Move Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps

Moving your company to the cloud is one of the biggest business decisions you can make. However, cloud migration entails a bit more than transferring important data to off-site servers and building new digital infrastructure. You’ll also need to take a serious look at putting your company’s applications into the cloud. Through cloud migration, you’ll… Continue Reading

What Are the Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Businesses?

For many businesses, data storage has become almost synonymous with cloud computing. According to the 2016 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG, a staggering 72 percent of businesses reported that they utilized cloud storage services or planned to in the near future. This number rose from 65 percent just two years prior. From small businesses to… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Practices for EAM Implementation and Use

If you haven’t already implemented an enterprise asset management (EAM) system at your company, then you might want to consider doing so. Every single organization has assets, be they physical ones (such as equipment, inventory, or property) or intangible ones (such as software, databases, or brand names). The more you rely on your company’s assets,… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know about the Multi-Cloud

Modern business administrators and technology leaders must be open to change if they want to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to digitization. In recent years, the cloud has set the benchmark for such progress, allowing businesses of all kinds to facilitate digital transformation. Now, groundbreaking change has come to the cloud industry… Continue Reading

7 Cloud Cost Management Tips that You Need to Know

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly essential tool for modern businesses. Despite the global shift to the cloud, many administrators remain wary of the potential issues that migration could bring. Cost remains one of the most significant cloud concerns among businesses, which must operate on stringent IT budgets. In the cloud, company administrators need to… Continue Reading