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5 of the Most Effective Cloud Security Tools

We are in the midst of an IT exodus, with more and more organizations migrating their infrastructure from on-premises data centers to cloud environments. In doing so, these companies are reaping the benefits of cloud platforms, which offer amazing scalability, cost efficiency, productivity, and more. However, cloud computing does also come with its fair share… Continue Reading

Here Are the Biggest Cloud ERP Trends of 2018

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) consolidates various systems from across entire organizations to maximize efficiency. As technology has advanced, modern-day ERP solutions have adapted as well, going on to include some of the latest innovations, such as cloud computing. Not only has cloud ERP technology been a disruptive force within the ERP market, but it has… Continue Reading

A Look at the Best Arguments for Cloud-Based Accounting

Cloud computing has paved the way for innovation in nearly every realm of business. More organizations than ever before are turning to the cloud to revolutionize their most vital business processes. Accounting is one such area that can benefit from migration to a cloud environment. Moving your organization’s accounting system from in-house and onto the… Continue Reading