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What Can Infor CloudSuite Do for Businesses?

infor logoA global enterprise software firm, Infor is perhaps best known for its array of industry-specific business applications known as Infor CloudSuite. Designed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, these products deliver key functionality, safety, and customer service directly through the cloud.

Whether they operate within the healthcare industry or specialize in aerospace and defense, Infor CloudSuite customers can enjoy the services that will best benefit companies in their specific line of work. Today, more than 8,500 customers in 108 countries employ these services.

Aside from its industry-focused cloud solutions, Infor CloudSuite can help companies fulfill several other crucial business needs. From corporate operations to product distribution, here are a few of Infor CloudSuite’s different business applications:



Corporate entities that are looking to boost their efficiency and enjoy better alignment with their business goals should consider implementing Infor CloudSuite Corporate within their organizations. Designed specifically for Tier 1 firms, this cloud solution delivers cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities with functionality in every area ranging from enterprise performance management to worldwide human resources.

One of the fundamental elements of Infor CloudSuite Corporate is its flexibility. This platform can integrate with organizations in numerous industries, thereby enabling each business to meet its specific ERP needs without going over budget.

Because it is such an extensive business solution, Infor CloudSuite Corporate can make improvements within every level of an organization. Where the platform can mobilize human resources workers to meet their business objectives, it provides next-generation analytics tools that enable administrators to improve their business-driving processes.


Financials and supply management

In lieu of other, more expensive cloud customizations, businesses can use Infor CloudSuite to enhance their financials and supply management capabilities. A fully integrated cloud platform, it delivers key ordering tools and financial processes for the modern enterprise.

Depending on their needs, companies can choose to implement Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management either together or separately. On its own, CloudSuite Financials aligns with business’ existing business management operations and enhances such functions as general ledger administration. Meanwhile, CloudSuite Supply Management gives companies improved oversight of the spend lifecycle.

When deployed as a unit, however, Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management can provide a number of benefits without compromising the flexibility of the organization. As a cloud platform, this suite delivers frequent system updates to users to ensure that they are enjoying the most current functionalities. In addition, Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management creates workstreams and analytics capabilities for each role within the company, thereby enhancing the productivity of all employees.


Human capital management

Infor also offers a CloudSuite product that can assist companies in the realm of human capital management (HCM). The tools in this suite provide users with the agility that they need to meet both current and future human resources (HR) goals. As such, Infor CloudSuite HCM can seamlessly accommodate for business growth while also shortening the time to deployment and minimizing maintenance requirements.

The efficacy of Infor CloudSuite HCM stems from its tools, which deliver functionality throughout all levels of an enterprise. With this product, companies receive access to technologies that help them create programming for specific workers, gauge business outcomes, and manage other daily processes that rely on talent-based information. Capabilities such as these streamline HR tasks for users and enable them to elicit more value from the entire process of HCM.

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Infor has created an innovative CloudSuite solution that can meet the needs of any small and medium-sized business (SMB). Companies of this scale require an online platform that can pave the way for business growth by delivering agility, collaborative capabilities, and a strategic edge. Because Infor CloudSuite Business was designed with each of these functions in mind, it can provide users with a catered ERP system that enhances visibility across all business departments.

Such seamless integration of business operations enables this platform to power the decision-making process unlike ever before. Moreover, Infor CloudSuite Business ensures that SMBs are utilizing their IT infrastructure to its fullest potential during times of varying demand without going over budget. With these features and more, this platform is helping its users become strong competitors within their given markets.


Facilities management

Infor has also created a CloudSuite solution that assists organizations with facilities management. This product boasts enterprise asset-management capabilities and other cloud applications that help users improve operations throughout the entire facility. From building renters to service providers, all entities can employ Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management to this end.

This groundbreaking solution delivers a wide range of must-have features for facilities management workers. By encouraging better visibility across the organization, Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management allows companies to mitigate costs regarding purchasing, staffing, and energy consumption. This also helps organizations better gauge the value of their various assets over long periods of time. More importantly, however, Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management can enhance organizations’ regulatory compliance efforts and help them meet their various service level agreement (SLA) requirements.

Not only has Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management earned the trust of clients across the globe, but it has also won a number of industry awards. This list of accolades includes recognition as the 2015 Plant Engineering Product of the Year and the 2016 People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Cloud Application.