7 of the Best Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

For military veterans, switching between careers is often the most difficult step in the process of transitioning back to civilian life. With a veteran population of more than 20.9 million men and women, the need for U.S. employers to hire former military members is greater than ever. Thankfully, civilian employers are becoming increasingly interested in… Continue Reading

You Need to Know the Most Important Cloud Security Considerations

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5 of the Most Important Vendor-Neutral Cloud Certifications

For businesses that employ the cloud, finding personnel that are experienced in the use of this infrastructure is crucial. Certification is perhaps the best way for you to ensure that you are up to date on the latest information and developments in the cloud industry. Whether you work in the realm of IT or you… Continue Reading

A Look at the Best Cloud Benefits for the Financial Services Industry

For years, the cloud has been driving innovation among organizations in nearly every industry. Though most entities have pursued cloud adoption as a means of enhancing their business capabilities, those in the financial services sector have not expressed quite the same level of interest in cloud computing. Because of concerns about security, compliance, and risk… Continue Reading

7 of the Biggest Cloud Mistakes That Can Affect Your Business

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You Need to Know the Best Tips for Enterprise Cloud Use

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What Are the Most Important Elements of a Cloud Contract?

Making the decision to move to the cloud is a critical step in the growth of your company. From reliability to security, your firm can reap numerous benefits from the deployment of cloud services. Before you move forward with migration, however, you must negotiate a cloud service contract that will meet your company’s various needs.… Continue Reading

A Look at the Benefits and Challenges of the Multi-Cloud Model

When looking to migrate your company to a cloud environment, you will need to determine which model will best accommodate your business needs. Public and private solutions have long been the preferred models among cloud users. More recently, the hybrid cloud has begun to take center stage as an alternative to these more traditional cloud… Continue Reading