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A Look at the Infor Product Suite

A Look at the Infor Product Suite


A leading provider of cloud-based business software, Infor has developed industry-driven solutions for organizations looking to facilitate complete digital transformations. Since its founding in 2002, the company has built a diverse platform that delivers a wide range of functionalities. From optimizing supply chains to powering business decisions, the Infor platform is giving organizations the intelligent tools they need to pursue constant innovation.

Let’s look at some of the most important products of the Infor Platform.

Infor Coleman

Infor launched Coleman, its industry-driven artificial intelligence (AI) product, to provide next-generation machine learning capabilities to its CloudSuite applications. The platform bears the name of Katherine Coleman Johnson, the mathematician and physicist whose work played an instrumental role in the moon landing in 1969.

Infor Coleman runs underneath CloudSuite applications, mining data that users need to facilitate more efficient inventory management, maintenance, and a broad range of other processes. Leveraging AI, the platform also uses the data it collects to provide recommendations to users, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly.

Along with these capabilities, Coleman also includes a digital assistant that uses natural language processing to support end users. The solution can converse with users and even build “conversational relationships” with them via Infor Ming.le. This digital assistant boosts efficiency by allowing users to convey information much more quickly than they can type it. Coleman’s automation abilities also make end users more productive and deliver a fast ROI to adopters.

Infor Nexus

Organizations that deal with extensive, complicated supply chains can simplify their entire network with Infor Nexus. This cloud-based product gives businesses seamless access to every entity in their supply chains, whether they regularly deal with suppliers, financial institutions, or manufacturers. The Infor Nexus network enhances visibility over this crucial business process, giving organizations more opportunities for collaboration and allowing them to adapt to changing conditions quickly.

Infor Nexus is unique in that it merges both physical and financial aspects of the traditional supply chain into one platform. This has allowed Infor to create a multi-enterprise network that uses a single cloud instance for numerous organizations. Leveraging two decades of data management expertise, Infor Nexus bolsters processes across enterprises and gives users better interoperability with vendors. The network also comes with an array of business applications—from transportation management to finance applications—that keep users on top of their supply chains.

Infor CloudSuite

Infor’s biggest product offering, Infor CloudSuite delivers cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for organizations in nearly every sector. Built on years of industry expertise, these solutions are optimized for both SMBs and enterprises looking to maximize their use of cloud technology. Currently, more than 7,000 organizations across the globe rely on Infor CloudSuite for all their cloud computing needs.

By leveraging industry expertise from the get-go, Infor has created solutions that don’t require extra customizations or complicated installations. This allows organizations to deploy CloudSuite products much more quickly than they would with traditional on-premises environments.

With solutions optimized for such industries as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and several others, organizations in these fields can harness the power of the cloud for greater efficiency.

Infor Process Intelligence

Through a strategic partnership with business process management firm Signavio, Infor is helping customers drive their business results with the Infor Process Intelligence platform. This collaboration pairs Signavio’s business process improvement capabilities with Infor’s solutions to deliver the tools that customers need to bolster their business performance across the board.

Infor Process Intelligence leverages the cloud to deliver business analytics to its users. The technology allows organizations to identify shortcomings in their processes and determine the best way to rectify them. The platform uses a process manager to assess and control risk in simulations that allow users to explore “what-if” scenarios.

Infor Process Intelligence also monitors organizations’ business processes 24/7, and can mine process models from more than one system at once. Through the in-platform collaboration hub, multiple parties can examine process models and determine where and how they can make changes.

Infor OS

Infor OS is at the heart of the entire Infor platform, providing a system through which organizations can streamline business processes, utilize AI capabilities, and more. The platform redefined the entire user experience by bringing together all of the most essential elements of Infor’s business technologies into one place.

Through Infor OS, organizations can enhance communications between users when making critical business decisions. With a focus on collaboration, the system allows disparate teams to work together when analyzing business intelligence and helps them work much smarter than before.

Infor OS is capable of integrating other Infor applications as well as third-party products. As such, organizations can access enterprise-level technology that is completely tailored to their unique business needs and goals.