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A Look at Organizations That Have Worked with Infor

A Look at Organizations That Have Worked with Infor

inforlogoOver the years, Infor has become synonymous with agile business software and applications that are optimized for use in the cloud. The company takes a user-first approach to its cloud solutions, delivering products and services that accommodate needs of entire organizations. From Industry CloudSuites to Enterprise Asset Management software, Infor’s user-first tools establish the groundwork that entities of all kinds require for transformation, innovation, and growth.

More than 90,000 entities across the globe have worked with Infor to achieve these goals and more. From medical centers to renewable energy specialists, here are a few organizations that rely on Infor’s business solutions and how they have applied them.


Marine Harvest

In November 2017, Infor announced that major farmed salmon producer Marine Harvest had invested in Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage and its Infor M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) services. The firm began with trial-based implementation in Scotland, with plans to eventually deploy the platform at its businesses around the world.

Before utilizing Infor CloudSuite, Marine Harvest had already employed Infor M3 at many of its locations. However, the cloud-based model presented an opportunity for the organization to run the application on an international scale. Marine Harvest hoped to use Infor CloudSuite services to simplify its processes into a single platform that could fuel eventual business growth. Moreover, this model will enhance the firm’s traceability among its businesses in North America, Asia, and Europe.


UConn Health

uconnhealthSeeking to facilitate a period of growth, UConn Health partnered with Infor in the implementation of the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite. Based in Farmington, Connecticut, the medical center aims to use this platform as a central location for all of its clinical data. With these tools, UConn Health will be capable of exchanging messages across the entire organization in a much more efficient manner than ever before.

UConn Health was able to minimize downtime and other operational issues throughout the initial deployment of Infor Cloverleaf, which ensured that it could continue to serve the needs of its patients. Since the implementation, the hospital has automated patient monitoring in a way that has driven patient satisfaction and, in turn, elicited better reimbursement for care.



nutrecoWith more than eight decades of experience in the animal feed and aquafeed sector, Nutreco has taken a dramatic step forward with the implementation of Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage services. In an effort to prepare itself for the “digital future,” the firm has deployed cloud services among 3,000 users at over 100 plants and 11 research and development locations across the globe. This modern suite has not only allowed Nutreco to create a centralized location for its data, but it has also eliminated much of the risk surrounding business operations.

Nutreco’s digital transformation also entails a partnership with H&L Digital, a digital agency of Infor. In collaboration with this organization, the firm has worked on a strategy to improve its customer service and delivers a better value stream for the company.


Russell Roof Tiles

russellrooftilesA prominent manufacturer of concrete tile, UK-based Russell Roof Tiles deployed Infor CloudSuite Industrial amid its modernization initiative. The application suite is slated for implementation at the firm’s locations in Lochmaben, Trent, and Burton, where it can drive customer service improvements and shorten lead times for employees. Through the deployment of CloudSuite Industrial, Russell Roof Tiles will also enable its customer base of private builders, housing groups, and more to view their account data online.

Russell Roof Tiles initially used Infor SyteLine during its early adoption of cloud services. However, the firm decided to upgrade to Infor CloudSuite Industrial for its improved capabilities in such areas as Plant Maintenance and Business Intelligence. Moreover, this product offers the user friendliness and agility that Russell Roof Tiles will need as it scales its business.


Vida Shoes International, Inc.

vidabrandsA leading footwear corporation, Vida Shoes International, Inc., uses Infor for its cloud needs by deploying Infor CloudSuite Fashion services. Through this innovative application suite, the organization aims to streamline and improve its supply chain processes. In addition, CloudSuite Fashion delivers the integration that Vida needs to acquire reliable business data in real time.

CloudSuite Fashion integrates the social collaboration engine Infor Ming.le and the middleware platform Infor ION to provide industry-driven data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to users. Vida uses these tools to boost its value chains, expedite the time to market, and minimize errors in the supply chain process. Most importantly, CloudSuite Fashion is helping Vida to remain ahead of constantly evolving industry demands.



invenergyOne of the largest privately held renewable energy firms in the United States, Invenergy has leveraged Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Mobile to bolster its turbine maintenance processes. The use of this new platform marked an important step forward for the organization, which had relied primarily on paper-based maintenance accounts before seeking to modernize.

Through the use of Infor EAM, however, Invenergy has been able to move its asset management reporting from physical binders to a digitized space. The system makes it easy for the firm’s technicians to access the data they need from any location and at any time, which maximizes the value of its EAM as a whole.

Following two beta tests, Invenergy launched Infor EAM across its entire fleet. Throughout a six-month period in 2016, the firm sought to expand its mobility by purchasing new tablets for each of its maintenance crews. This allowed for the full digitization of asset management practices through the Infor EAM platform.