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A Look at 4 More Amazing Infor Case Studies

A Look at 4 More Amazing Infor Case Studies

Since its inception in 2002, Infor has completely redefined enterprise software. Known best for its innovative business applications, Infor delivers enhanced functionalities to its clients in realms such as enterprise resource planning and finance. More recently, Infor has begun to shift its focus toward industry-focused product suites, which continue to drive digital transformation through the cloud.

Over the years, Infor’s customers have leveraged these products to drive business outcomes in almost countless ways. Let’s look at a few of the ways that these organizations have applied Infor’s software:

1. John Henry Foster

John Henry Foster, a manufacturer of industrial compressed air systems based in Eagan, Minnesota, has deployed the Infor Customer Experience Suite (CX) in an effort to gain a more comprehensive view of its customers. In addition to industrial compressed air systems, the company provides automation solutions, serving as a comprehensive source for customers seeking piping installation services, parts, and more.

John Henry Foster sought the help of Infor CX to address several customer-related goals. First, the firm wanted to consolidate many disparate systems to allow for a complete view of existing customers and prospects. Second, it wanted a system that would improve data quality and reduce errors and redundancy. Finally, the company sought to create a B2B customer experience that would feel more like B2C.

After deploying Infor CX, John Henry Foster began to see immediate results. The suite gave the firm customer data that was not only more accurate, but more effective for quickly addressing any client concerns or needs. Infor CX also enabled John Henry Foster to drive engagement using customer data such as website interactions and marketing response.

2. Concordia Plan Services

Concordia recently moved its Infor applications to the cloud by employing Infor CloudSuite Healthcare and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. In making this switch, the health care organization sought to scale its client base and improve its customer service. Concordia began this process by migrating its apps from hosting provider Xerox and into the Infor cloud. This required the firm to analyze its app portfolio and determine which applications required updates before migration. Concordia also took cost into consideration, using a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to gauge how Infor would help the company save money on app deployment.

Migrating to the Infor cloud has helped Concordia save $400,000 on its annual software as a service (SaaS) needs, with an additional $650,000 saved on the labor and hardware costs it would incur from a similar on-premises deployment. Infor also proved vital to the organization’s customer service efforts, giving the firm better visibility of all client touch points. More importantly, Concordia leveraged Infor HR Knowledgebase to develop a new portal for members that allows the firm to relay information directly.

3. Glen Eira City Council

Base in Melbourne, Australia, Glen Eira City Council has used Infor Pathway to fuel its digital transformation and move toward its goals for the future. The council first adopted the platform years ago, initially using it to improve its cashiering functionalities. Over time, it adopted additional features that improved animal control reporting, permit processing, and other civic needs.

More recently, Glen Eira sought to invest further in digital infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of minimizing its environmental footprint and improving its customer service. To this end, the council adopted ePathway, an interface that provides its customers with an online self-service portal. This has since allowed Glen Eira to dramatically reduce its turnaround times for customer applications and other requests.

Before implementing ePathway, the council could only accept physical applications. It would then take five days to process and file these applications before fulfilling each customer’s request. With ePathway, Glen Eira can now hand out permits in as little as 10 minutes. Since going digital with its application processing, the council also spends 65 percent less on consumables.

Infor ePathway has also revolutionized the way that the council interacts with its customers. With 24/7 online availability, locals can track their requests, make payments, and more from any device. Glen Eira will continue to expand its library of online interactions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the local community.

4. MercyOne

Infor developed its Talent Management platform with all the functionalities that organizations need to build better trams and maximize the potential of all their employees. Recently, MercyOne, a healthcare facilities and service system, adopted Infor Talent Management to streamline its hiring processes, retain more staff members, and centralize human resources following its recent acquisition. The organization, based in Waterloo, Iowa, represents a vast network of more than 100 medical centers and specialty providers.

Since implementing Infor Talent Management, MercyOne has been able to achieve its initial goals and more. The platform brought together all the functionalities from the organization’s hiring and staff evaluation vendors. As such, MercyOne was able to eliminate this multi-vendor system and transition to a more comprehensive solution.

Infor Talent Management also allowed MercyOne to consolidate its compensation system. Managers can now designate compensation increases by merit, using Infor Talent Management to input performance scores and manage increases with ease.