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A Look at 4 Amazing Infor Products and Their Applications

A Look at 4 Amazing Infor Products and Their Applications


A global leader in the realm of enterprise software, Infor aims to help organizations to transform their digital architecture. Over the years, the company has debuted a wide array of innovative products that are optimized for use in nearly every industry and facet of business.

Read on to explore the ways that Infor’s customers have applied four of its most innovative products within their organizations:

1. Infor Expense Management (XM)

The holding company Raymond James Financial, which has a client base that ranges from cities to individuals, has leveraged Infor XM to simplify its expense reporting process. To this end, the firm initially established that it had multiple hurdles to overcome. Not only did its travel and entertainment (T&E) policies vary depending on the department, but it also needed to have the ability to comply with ever-changing auditing requirements.

In formulating a strategy to tackle these challenges and more, Raymond James sought technology that could assist it in automating its expense reporting operations. Infor XM effectively helped the firm to align with its goals, delivering a platform that makes it easier for staff members to submit expense reports. The platform monitors all report submissions for errors and allows employees to edit them prior to submission, thereby mitigating the risk of inaccuracy.

Through the Infor XM Expense Reports module, Raymond James was also capable of delivering more reliable information to both external auditors and its own compliance team. Most importantly, however, relying on this system has enabled the firm to dramatically reduce its costs for employee travel.

2. Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Birmingham, UK-based Dunlop Aircraft Tyres turned to Infor CRM to meet several crucial business objectives. The manufacturer sought to improve its sales practices by implementing a flexible, yet powerful, online platform. Moreover, the firm hoped to revolutionize the customer lifecycle with a system that gave it better oversight of each client and every interaction with them. Concurrently, Dunlop hoped to collect more precise data on its existing client base and prospective customers. The company also wanted to gain more visibility when it came to its CRM operations.

Infor CRM became the clear choice for Dunlop due to its diverse array of features and ability to work alongside its previously implemented Infor SyteLine system. With this platform, the manufacturer was able to generate more accurate information, which led to improvements in its decision-making processes. This access to data has also enabled Dunlop to facilitate greater consistency and collaboration among its global teams.

3. Birst

Birst, an Infor company, has allowed the online home improvement retailer to revamp its customer acquisition process with innovative technology. Based in Chico, California, the firm established several goals when looking for a new business intelligence system. sought to minimize expenditures related to customer acquisition, as well as to better align its marketing strategies with consumer spending. found what it was seeking in Birst, which uses machine learning and automation to facilitate more streamlined analytics operations among business teams. The platform thus supports decision making at the enterprise level, allowing business leaders to achieve smarter resolutions to issues in a shorter amount of time.

Since implementing Birst, has seen marked improvements to its marketing and customer relations processes. Using the platform’s keen insights, the company has been able to identify which customers provide it with the “highest value.” Consequently, the team at reduced its marketing budget and turned its focus toward creating personalized deals for those valuable consumers. In the end, the company’s catalogue revenue soared by an impressive 75 percent.

4. Infor CloudSuite

Infor CloudSuite, which features numerous industry-specific products, has elicited significant change at J.R. Watkins. Headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, this provider of natural packaged goods has deployed Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage to replace its older Infor M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and improve operations across the board.

J.R. Watkins determined that it needed to upgrade its digital environment after assessing its situation and business objectives. Not only did the firm want to transition from a model that focused on individual consumers to one that would enable it to serve more wholesale and other retail clients, but it also sought to improve its ability to meet deadlines for these customers. In addition, J.R. Watkins hoped to provide its staff with the tools they needed to enhance their productivity.

The company worked alongside Infor to determine how CloudSuite Food & Beverage could improve upon its existing platform. Moreover, J.R. Watkins conducted a thorough review of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of CloudSuite as it related to a more traditional in-house deployment. In doing so, the firm discovered that it would save more than $500,000 in the span of five years by implementing CloudSuite. Since launching Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, the company has eliminated several expenditures related to server management, including renewing hardware, upgrading their systems, and paying system administrators.

CloudSuite Food & Beverage has also enabled J.R. Watkins to dramatically improve its functionality. For instance, the firm overhauled its existing workflows with ones offered through a few key additions to CloudSuite, including Infor ION and Infor Ming.le. Using these to replace its email setup helped J.R. Watkins to expedite some of its most crucial processes.