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5 of the Most Effective Cloud Security Tools

5 of the Most Effective Cloud Security Tools

We are in the midst of an IT exodus, with more and more organizations migrating their infrastructure from on-premises data centers to cloud environments. In doing so, these companies are reaping the benefits of cloud platforms, which offer amazing scalability, cost efficiency, productivity, and more. However, cloud computing does also come with its fair share of risks, particularly in the realm of security. 

In 2018 77 percent of organizations reported that security was a challenge that they faced in the cloud, while close to 30 percent found it to be a “significant challenge” for their companies. As concerns about cloud security prevail, all cloud users should look at the various methods they can use to safeguard their information in this infrastructure. From file encryption to user management, these tactics are most effective when implemented properly. 

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To this end, you should consider employing cloud security tools at your organization. By automating security processes and fostering other key capabilities, these platforms can make your cloud environment more secure than ever before. Read on to explore five of the most effective cloud security tools that you can leverage to protect your organization and its data.

1. Cloud Defender

A generalized cloud security tool, the Alert Logic Cloud Defender encompasses an entire suite of protections for your organization’s cloud infrastructure. Available as a “pay-as-you-go” model and optimized for use in Amazon Web Services (AWS), this tool allows you to monitor your entire cloud for potential vulnerabilities. Using the Web Security Manager, for instance, you can watch your applications for abnormalities in behavior and deploy firewalls to ensure ongoing protection. 

Cloud Defender also features a tool that consistently watches the traffic within your cloud network, which enables it to recognize security threats in real time. Armed with this information, the platform can then advise your team on the best steps to take to mitigate the effects of the breach. Cloud Defender also promotes security compliance by helping you fulfill such requirements as HIPAA and PCI DSS with less hassle.

2. InSpec

InSpec by Chef is fully devoted to upholding your organization’s security compliance requirements. Designed for any operating system, this tool allows you to test your cloud environments for compliance and other security features. Using InSpec, you can even develop the code for your own tests, which determine how closely your system is adhering to your security guidelines. The platform can run these tests either remotely or locally and alert you if parts of your system fail to meet your security standards.

3. Swimlane Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

SOAR is an intelligent incident response (IR) tool that can help strengthen your company against security breaches. Unlike more traditional IR processes, which require your security team to manually review incidents to formulate an effective response, this platform automates these operations and allows you to focus on tackling the threats that come your way. Not only does this allow your security personnel to work more efficiently, but it also enables them to respond to more security alerts without needing to consume additional company resources.

When using SOAR, your organization will be better prepared to respond to security incidents as they unfold. The platform gathers crucial data from across your system and, in the event of a breach, deploys a response immediately. More importantly, SOAR gives you the information you need to improve your security measures and mitigate future threats.

4. CipherCloud

Designed for use within any cloud environment, CipherCloud features a diverse suite of tools that facilitate security from all angles. An agile cloud access security broker (CASB), this platform aggregates the most essential cloud security features into one central location. From antivirus tools to app protections, CipherCloud has the capabilities your organization needs to ward off the biggest cloud computing threats.  

CipherCloud is, however, best known for its encryption services, which help fill in security gaps left by some cloud providers. Instead of encrypting information only when it is at rest, the platform allows you to encrypt your data as you upload it to your cloud platform. With the encryption keys securely in your hands, you will ensure that only authorized personnel will be able to decrypt this information. 

5. Veriato 360

Monitoring the activity of your cloud users is one of the best ways to combat insider threats, whether intentional or not. Veriato 360 is one tool that you can use to this end, allowing you to monitor your employees with screen capturing technology. If you believe that someone may compromise the security of your organization, then you can set up ongoing recordings of his or her screen at intervals of 30 seconds or less. You can also play your captures back or consolidate several images into video files.

Veriato 360 thus gives you the power to monitor your users’ daily activities for any security threats. When looking at documents, you can determine whether users have changed or deleted files within their own devices and in your cloud environment. This tool can also follow their browser history and online communications with others. From keystrokes to Wi-Fi connections, Veriato 360 gives you visibility over any user activities that occur within your system. As a result, you will be better poised to react to potential security incidents before they happen.