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5 of the Best Reasons to Deploy Infor EAM

5 of the Best Reasons to Deploy Infor EAM


Enterprise asset management (EAM) is crucial to any business that relies on physical assets for their most vital business processes. With effective EAM, organizations can not only make their assets more efficient and cost-effective, but also extend their lives.

Infor has developed its own EAM platform, which leverages best-in-class tools to help organizations of all kinds streamline all facets of the asset maintenance process. With this innovative solution, companies can move EAM to the forefront and drive their asset performance more than ever before.

Over 10,000 organizations across the globe rely on Infor EAM. Here are a few reasons to consider deploying this solution at your own enterprise:

1. It streamlines asset management with unprecedented features.

Addressing issues with asset performance has never been easier than with Infor EAM. This solution features a diverse array of tools and modules to alleviate all of your organization’s asset management issues and drive your business forward.

With the Assets module, for example, you can get a closer look at your company’s physical assets and access tools for monitoring and analyzing each one. This feature consolidates disparate information about asset documentation, warranties, and more so that you can maximize the lifecycles of all your most important assets.

To this end, Infor EAM also makes it easier to follow a schedule for preventative maintenance. You can set maintenance activities for each asset based on such parameters as date or level of usage. The system will actively modify your maintenance schedule depending on when your team last completed work on your assets.

In general, Infor EAM makes work management much more straightforward. Not only can your team create work orders, but they can also manage all their requests from one central platform.

Aside from these more basic EAM functionalities, Infor EAM can support virtually any other need that your organization may have. If your company has locations across the globe, then this platform can help you manage all geographically-linked legal requirements through the same database.

Infor EAM also keeps parties connected through its Messenger module, so everyone remains on the same page about asset work orders. With additional modules for asset warranties, purchasing management, and more, your organization will never be without the asset management capabilities that it needs.

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2. It has features for those with more unique EAM needs.

As diverse as the functionalities of Infor EAM may be, some organizations have specific needs that require additional asset management modules. The platform’s advanced features can help your organization meet certain regulatory requirements, accommodate a workforce on the go, and much more.

Infor EAM delivers the tools needed to boost your organization’s efficiency. By incorporating the features of the ESRI Geographical Information Systems (GIS) module, your team can accurately locate assets and manage workloads for each. More importantly, these tools enable you to manage workflows across different departments, making asset management even simpler.

When maintaining assets, procuring the parts needed to keep them in working order can be a headache. Infor EAM offers a module called iProcure to alleviate the challenges of procurement and keep your organization running more smoothly. This unique platform features more than 150 suppliers of spare parts. That way, your team can always find the resources needed for asset maintenance.

Infor EAM has also incorporated a groundbreaking mobile module that keeps your team connected no matter where they are. By allowing your users to access work orders both online and offline, they will always be able to connect to the information they need to keep on top of assignments even while out in the field. 

3. It drives maintenance productivity.

All of the features of Infor EAM come together to support your organization in one critical asset management goal: enhancing your productivity. In a competitive market, streamlining your asset maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

Infor EAM automates all of the time-consuming processes of asset maintenance and makes all data accessible from a single location. The platform also leverages such innovations as artificial intelligence and internet of things to make your maintenance processes even more efficient.


4. It has countless options for deployment.

Infor EAM caters to numerous types of organizations. Depending on the size of your entity, you can choose from a few different platform configurations. If you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), then you can deploy services via the Infor EAM business edition.

This provides the tools needed to facilitate your most crucial asset management processes. As an SME, you can also opt for EAM resources that require minimal hardware. Infor EAM also comes in an enterprise edition, which is ideal for larger organizations with multiple locations.

You can select Infor EAM solutions based on more than just company size. The platform comes in a wide array of editions that are optimized for use in such industries as manufacturing, life sciences, and public sector. The Infor EAM 11.4 update diversified the platform’s industry focus, incorporating functionalities for organizations in even more sectors.

5. It’s an award-winning solution.

Since its debut, Infor EAM has earned numerous accolades recognizing its status as an industry leader. In 2016, Plant Engineering highlighted the platform in three of its “Product of the Year” categories. Infor EAM 11.2, Transit App, and Maintenance Kiosk all emerged as leading EAM solutions. The Transit App won Infor its second Grand Award in two years.

Plant Engineering once again named Infor EAM as its “Product of the Year” in 2017, this time recognizing it as a Gold Award recipient in Asset Management. That same year, Gartner identified Infor as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for EAM, focusing specifically on “ability to execute” as its greatest ability. In 2018, Infor again earned the title of Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.