4 of the Best Industries for Military Veterans

According to the most recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey on veteran employment, the nationwide rate of Gulf War-era II veterans who are unemployed fell from 5.8 percent to 5.1 percent between 2015 and 2016. Among the entire network of 20.9 million military veterans, the unemployment rate sits at only 4.3 percent.

Statistics such as these are creating a promising outlook for current military personnel who are looking to transition into civilian careers, as the various skills and training they have received can be applied to jobs in nearly every sector.

There are, however, a few industries that have proven to be especially beneficial for military veterans. Some fields allow these individuals to draw upon their military experience, while others have initiated targeted efforts to add more former military personnel to their ranks. Read on to explore a few of the best job industries for veterans.


networkToday’s society has an ever-increasing focus on innovation, particularly where technology is concerned. It is no wonder, then, that entities in the growing tech sector are actively seeking talent to fill crucial roles.

Military veterans are some of the most qualified candidates for jobs in the technology industry. Equipped with such applicable skills as adapting to challenges and problem solving, veterans are capable of taking on responsibilities as web developers, data analysts, and more.

Another tech field that military veterans should consider is information technology. Though many former service members tend to overlook job opportunities in this area, they actually possess many of the necessary qualifications for IT roles. Aside from teamwork and leadership, many military personnel emerge from the service with capabilities in areas such as data analysis. Not only do these skills translate to the innovative work found in the field of IT, but they also enable veterans to contribute to the growth of the technology sector as a whole.

In recognition of this potential, numerous technology organizations have made plans to hire more military veterans. Amazon recently made a pledge to hire 25,000 veteran employees in its tech sector within a five-year period. Such efforts further highlight the numerous employment opportunities that exist for veterans in the technology sector.

Health care


The health care sector makes an excellent career option for military veterans due to a number of factors. Most importantly, this industry is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the United States. With countless open positions available to applicants, it is not difficult for former military personnel to secure employment in a number of medical fields.

Additionally, most veterans are well suited for careers in health care due to their existing skills. Making the transition into this field will be especially easy for those who worked as military medics or otherwise served in health care positions during their time in the service. These individuals will already possess the medical knowledge that they need to pursue careers as nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and emergency medical technicians, among others. Despite their qualifications, however, veterans may first need to obtain a college degree or certificate before pursuing careers in the health care industry.



According to the BLS, more than 10 percent of all employed military veterans work within the transportation and material moving industry. This sector is attractive to many veterans because it allows them to make use of their related military experience. During their time in the service, military personnel often engage in such work as the organization of supply shipments and the operation of large military vehicles. By seeking employment in the transportation industry, veterans can directly translate these capabilities to their roles as coordinators, truck operators, and delivery drivers.

In light of a growing number of transportation worker shortages, many entities in this sector have been actively looking to take on veteran employees. These employers understand the discipline and efficiency that former military members can bring to their teams.



The most popular sector, business employs just under 20 percent of all working veterans. Those who choose to pursue careers in business will be met with countless job opportunities, whether they are looking to join an innovative administrative team, serve an enterprise as an analyst, or work their way up through the ranks of a large corporation. The diversity of the business industry allows veterans to capitalize on every skill that they obtained while serving their country. Working well alongside others and organizing tasks efficiently are only a few of the skills that veterans bring to the table when looking for employment in the business sector.

Aside from more traditional business roles, an increasing number of veterans are becoming business owners. Between their soft skills and other capabilities such as discipline and leadership, former military members can easily thrive as entrepreneurs or franchisors.

Business ownership can present veterans with even more opportunities for success because of the career support that is available to them. Through outlets like American Corporate Partners, veterans can work with experienced Fortune 500 mentors who help them learn how to apply their military skills to their various business pursuits.